Youth Webzine. October's theme is FEAR.
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    What is Sarcasteen? 
    Sarcasteen is an online magazine. Written by young people for young people.

    How do I become a member of the Sarcasteam?

    Give us an e-mail at telling us what you’ve got to offer.Make sure to include your name,age, country and any blogs you’d like us to look at. You don’t have to write- you could help with our other social media. We’re actually looking for someone to keep the twitter, and facebook pages active. You can also submit your artwork, videos and photography. The only condition is that you must be aged 12-21, however we do take feature pieces from older writers. 

    What is the Sarcasteam?

    The Sarcasteam is the name we give to our team of regular staff and writers. If you’d like to join, send us an email to

    I want to write a piece for you but I don’t want to become a team member.

    That’s fine! You can either submit your article via the submit link at the top of our website or e-mail it to us at for editing.

    What do you want me to write?

    You can write about whatever you want as long as it’s not inflammatory or offensive. We do allow swearing, but if we consider any word you use to be a slur, then we won’t post it.We have a monthly theme that we’d like you to stick to, but if you’ve been to an event or seen a good movie or read a good book that you really want to talk about, then we’re not going to stop you. 

    What’s this month’s theme?

    Submissions for August are now closed. You can submit for next month though! September’s theme is going to be Going Global.

    If I write for you, will you pay me?

    Sorry! We can’t offer payment for your work at this time since the website isn’t in any way monetised and we don’t sell merchandise. Even I, the editor-in-chief, don’t make anything from this.

    How did you get your own domain name?
    We bought it! There’s plenty of places online to buy your own URL.

    Where else can we find you?