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  • Addicted to nightmares

    Or rather, to Nightmare Fuel.

    First off, Nightmare Fuel is what is classed as a trope, which is basically a recurring idea or story device in media of all sorts.

    Nightmare Fuel itself is basically when something is so terrifying, it will scare you for years, possibly leave you slightly paranoid in certain situations, and leave you needing to frequently remind yourself that it’s okay, it’s FICTIONAL.

    In spite of these err…less desirable effects, many of us still consume scary media, primarily in the form of scary movies.


    I’m not 100% sure why, I certainly am not sure whyIfind creepy stuff so interesting. Perhaps it is our way of seeing how terrifying the world can be- whether we’d be able to cope if we, ourselves were faced with some terrible horror movie situation. Perhaps it’s just our odd way of proving to the world that we aren’t so feeble as they may think we are, or perhaps simply the adrenaline makes us feel alive, awake, a tad more ofsomething.

    Whatever the reason, I find it interesting to see the THINGS that scare us, as indicated by the TvTropes Nightmare Fuel page:

    • Creepy things in the background of a scene, things that you might not have noticed first time round
    • Mutated faces or other body horror
    • Grotesque animated sequences, or childhood memories being horrifically skewed in some way
    • Breaking the Fourth Wall(the fiction directly addressing the reader/watcher. This is a well-known one)
    • Eye scream. ‘Nuff said.
    • Apocalyptic circumstances
    • Primal fears like being buried alive, eaten alive etc

    Being scared of things is natural, after all and well, as disturbing as Nightmare Fuel can be, to some extent I’d say it has actuallyhelpedme conquer some of my fears.

    So yeah, if you enjoy being scared, check out the TvTropes Nightmare Fuel page, and some other tropes such as Fridge Horror, The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You or Fate Worse Than Death.


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