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  • Internet Friends: The 9 Step Guide

    I think that I speak for the entire Sarcasteam when I say that internet friends are some of the best friends that you will ever have.  Hell, I think that I speak for the entire internet when I say this.  I think that the reason behind this is that the internet has allowed us to connect with people that we would never have been able to connect with before.  It allows all of the outcast nerds and geeks and fangirls to all find people that understand their love for computers or math or David Tennant.  But I would be lying if I didn’t say that having internet friends can also be one of the most emotionally draining activities in the world.  It’s not that I don’t love my internet friends, because I love each of them with every fiber of my being, but it hurts like hell to know that you may never meet one of your best friends.

    So, in continuing with the “Addie gives you a so-many step guide to dealing with a problem that she has faced” theme that currently has only one post (this post putting the total up to two), I would like to present you with the 9 Step Guide to Dealing With Life When Your Best Friends Live on the Other Side of the Country (or the World).

    Step 1 - Make internet friends.  Don’t ever feel like it isn’t a good idea because they don’t live close to you and you don’t want to get emotionally attached to someone you may never meet.  That’s probably the stupidest idea that could ever cross your mind.

    Step 2 - Skype like crazy.  Stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking to your friends until you can’t remember why you started talking in the first place.

    Step 3 - Talk to them about your problems, because honestly internet friends have probably given me the best advice that I’ve ever received.

    Step 4 - Love your internet friends.  They’re probably the best people in the world, so appreciate them, goddamnit.

    Step 5 - Do stupid things.  Go to internet prom with a kid with nice hair and introduce them to your family.  Hide your face when they decide that the two of you should get married.

    Step 6 - Decide that you need to meet your internet friends.  Beg your dad like crazy to take you on a road trip to meet all of them.  When he still isn’t sure, recruit your internet friends to tell him to take you.

    Step 7 - Meet your internet friends.  Rejoice in your awesomeness.

    Step 8 - Come home, realize that you miss them like crazy and repeat steps two through seven.

    Step 9 - Don’t forget about the real world.  There are semi-ok people that you probably go to school with, and although the internet is awesome, it’s probably a good thing to get out every once an a while.

    I hope that this helped at least a little bit with your ongoing struggle to realize that internet friends are awesome.  Best wishes and DFTBA.


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