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  • Things You Should See IRL Before You Die

    You see these “before you die” lists all the time, but a lot of the time they are costly or require a whole lot of effort and “stepping out of your comfort zones”. No, today I bring you a list of things you should SEE (In Real Life, not through the computer screen) at least once, hopefully for less money, and less effort.

    1. Fireworks

    Yes, fireworks. Chances are, you’ve seen these already at New Year or Guy Fawkes Night or on the 4th of July, but you might never have really experienced a proper display. Next time the opportunity arises to go to a big public display, even if you don’t like fireworks. They’re usually free too.

    2. Caves

    Being in a cave feels like being inside the planet, because I guess you basically are. 

    There are a few different ways to experience caves. You might come across them on holiday (usually seaside-y cliff-y areas), or you might be at a tourist location where guided tours are offered. I once visited the caves in Cheddar Gorge (unfortunately, not made of cheese) and Wookey Hole. 

    3. The Controlled Demolition Of A Tall Building 

    Now this sounds like a weird one, but I have my reasoning. Last Summer my local council decided to demolish four blocks of high-rise flats in the centre of the city. I watched from my house. It was really bizarre to see these huge buildings reduced to a pile of rubble. The locals were warned to shut all their windows before leaving to watch the demolition as the dust cloud grew to cover most of the city. 

    These days more and more of these buildings are being destroyed because they are too expensive to maintain and the living conditions are not the most pleasant, so you  might be lucky enough to see one of these demolitions. 

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